Saturday, April 24, 2010

Because I haven't posted anything new on my dogs I thought I'd share just a wee bit of the goings on around here. Big dogs playing and stretching (exciting I know) and the wee one investigating new baby goat. Just a little fun on the farm.

Steve checking out our little buddy JJ in Dad's lap.

Wolfgang, looking scary early in the morning. He is the most wolfish looking of our crew.

Wolfgang, Sasha and Diego watching the goats being let out for some browse. Watching with intent even. :-)

Cheyenne at the back taking off to pick up a bigger stick (log) and Wolfgang getting ready to wrestle Dad Diego as he stretches.

Everyone in the fray of play - can't get in to visit goats so might as well get the energy out somewhere :-)

And last but not least...a little of what our poor little Steve was subjected to. Same day as the photo above of Steve snuggling with baby JJ. A friend of mine likened it to "Chihuahua or Squeaky Door?" Fun!