Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Amelia's triplets.

Here is one of the video's of our Doe Amelia's kids this year. The babes are but a few minutes old here :-) Our surprise triplets...the first surprise. The other older Doe also had a set of triplets. I'll try to get some vids up of her as well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New baby goats, a whole month early!

We have three does, so I was expecing 6 babes. Well...we had two of them have triplets. So now there are 8 new babies. And!!!! They are a whole month early. Not because they are premie mind you but because my sweet hubby felt sorry for the buck back in September and he let him out with the girls for a romp down at the creek. Here is the result. Sheesh.

I'll be posing some video here as soon as I get it up on youtube. Till then, here are some picts real quick of my new babes:

Lily checking and cleaning and talking with the 2 of 3 she accepted.

Lily confused with this one. She can smell herself but didn't clean her so flat out will not take her. *sigh* This is one heck of a learning lesson. No matter how exhausted you are from staying up for the other doe, you need to stay the entire time if you suspect the other is going to give birth as well. If we would have been there we would have put all babies up to mom to clean. We were lucky to even find this little one, she was just laying motionless in her birth goo off in the corner, very cold. So, now she's my house goat for a while.

Little rejected Fauna, now inside the house and being cared for by me for about 2 weeks or so. Till we get the baby pen put together like were originally going to do...thinking we still had a month. Sheesh.

My little rejected Fauna girl. Isn't that heart fabulous!!

We were in the barn when Amelia had her 3 babes so we were able to help and make sure she cleaned them all. They have all been accepted. The 2 girls and 1 boy are just 15 minutes old here. Notice Amelia mommies huge udder and teat....

The first girl born to our doeling, Cassie. Our daughter named her Jennifer. She is about 1/2 a day old here.

Cassie with her 2 babes. One boy and one girl. We are not naming the boys, no matter how cute! This is a tough one. Anyway, we have to label em something so this is CSB1 - For Cassie/Shane(Buck)/Boy/1

Snuggled in sleeping after all that hard work.