Friday, December 2, 2011

Cats sleeping in the liter box??

I've been baffled of late. Why, oh why does the cat feel inclined to sleep in her liter box? Is it because I'm using aspen chips? What?! I've had many cats over the years and not once ever felt compelled to sleep in it's cat box. Silly girl.

I have several more frozen blackberries to go through, for pies, for preserves etc. Never ending blackberries from my own back yard, and thorn less too. Can't quite beat that. Some more little images worth taking too, like the crab apples from my dad, who lives in Cheyenne. I hope to have some trees from these pretty little babies one day. And my yams are growing pips. Pretty little things.

And finally, more dehydrated mushrooms and some dehydrated rhubarb. If you have not tried it, I recommend it highly. Keeps the tang and the tart just fine.

Momo in her litter box.

Yams growing pips


Crab apples from WY
Dehydrated Rhubarb and Mushrooms