Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays? What??

The whole argument is getting ridiculous.

This whole thing is about Christmas, period. The retailers all know it and have been working on "marketing" at us for at least 70 plus years. Ok. So it's Christmas. Say Merry Christmas, that is after all what it is. This whole thing has blown up because it's about the advertisers targeting for this time of year. Do they target their marketing at Ramadan? No. Kwanzaa? Not really. Hanukkah? A bit more but only because we are by and large a Judeo Christian society.

Those other religions have their times, relatively unmolested as it pertains to what and when they celebrate. So why should the Christians have to "share" their religion or have it co opted just because of the marketing thing? Because really, that is what it has all come down to. If everyone wants a fair shot then lets not take the Christian aspect out of it by saying something other than Merry Christmas, or worse, trying to make it "less" somehow by including everyone into the mix. Let's instead let everyone have their own time AT their own times and leave well enough alone. Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas.

This is getting really silly. I love the fact it's Christmas, say Merry Christmas...and guess what!? I'm not Christian. And wow, I'm not the least bit offended by it. I think it a beautiful time and fully respect the Christian worship of this time. Let's find something else to worry about. Like how the heck we are going to get out of this economic mess the government has gotten us into over the course of 50 years while we were worrying over whether or not to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Sheesh.