Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some humor needed

Never one to be bored around here, I thought I'd share a little humor. If I don't I may very well go mad.

I have 5 dogs. 4 German Shepherds and one Chihuahua. Formal introductions are Cheyenne, Diego, Wolfgang and Sasha the Shepherds and Steve...the little guy. The one that seems like it's a real dog...only smaller.

Anyway I digress (and will never stop it seems)

We have to prepare this bedding material for our specialized composting worms. As I stated earlier we are starting up a worm farm with Red Wigglers and European Night crawlers. We probably have about 25-30 pounds of them and they all needed bedding. The bedding consists mostly of shredded cardboard, newspaper and peat moss. It is murder on your hands and wrists to sit and shred cardboard. No matter how good the movie is, one cannot sit and shred too much cardboard at night without damaging body parts.

So I thought, "Hey! Too bad we couldn't give these to the dogs to do for us!" They destroy everything else, like brand new water buckets. Not the one that is already chewed to smithereens but still hold water. No. The brand new one. Only this time it is toast, no more, nadda. Enough to piss off the pope I tell you. (another moment of digression)

So I think I'm positively clever in my thought here. Give the dogs all the card board they can abuse for toys and we get the benefits. Works great in theory. Probably why most theories sort of stay as theories. Right after the picture below was rained. And our card board turned to muddy muck. So next time I shall have to stay out there with them and play instead of think I can get several things done at once and run off and space out my cardboard. Humph.

Here are some of the results of our experiment.

This is Steve, my fearless Chihuahua...thinking he really wants to get into the action of tearing up cardboard too. "See how great a job I can do Momma!? I can tear toys up with the best of them! Just not out there WITH them, I might get stepped on."

Yes, his tail is wagging to beat the band. And no, there was not enough left of the toy for a decent burial. Not really. If I'm in the mood to pick up a bunch of card board from the floor I may very well give this little boy a try. Better than gooey muck I guess.

My doggone dogs!

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