Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More new babies

Sandy and JJ Jackson - 5 hours old

First real nap they've had since being born. Exhausting!

Joel loving up his new boy JJ Jackson

Sandy and JJ Jackson at about an hour old.

Miss Lily Sassy Pants Ornery Goat had her babies too! On March 21st as a matter of fact, but I'm running behind and by the seat of my pants as usual o.O are our newest members of the herd, Sandy and JJ Jackson. Lily has not accepted JJ Jackson, the black one. When we came out to the barn at 5 AM to check on Lily they had both been born already. She was laying down cleaning the lighter one, Sandy but the black one was wondering around toward the top crying with all his birth goo still on him. My husband was horrified we might lose him because it was cold and brought him into the house to dry him up real quick. Turns out we probably should not have done that. We SHOULD have put him to momma so she could recognize she had him and get him cleaned up. If a goat doesn't do that then they don't really realize they just had a baby. Silly I know. Don't ever let anyone convince you that goats are as smart as dogs. They most assuredly are not.

So miss Lily has not taken to her second boy. He did get his first 4 days of colostrum because I forced the issue but he has since been moved out of the main barn for his protection. More on that in the next post. In the mean time, here are the new pictures and video!

The last video has my rooster adding to the dialog!

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