Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rabbits for Meat

I finally have all my stock lined up in such a way as to do a run once a week. With an average of 7 per liter I'm looking at about 1440 pounds of meat in a year. Not bad. Would like to see the liters larger and or survival rate higher, but this is what my numbers told me for last year. So average of 7 is my starting point.

The dogs benefit as well because I won't be buying them nearly the quantity of commercial dog food. I'm going from 5 bags of dog food for the 4 German Shepherds to just one. I'd like not to buy the one at all because I'm unhappy with commercial dog foods, period. We'll see if I can get it down to no commercial dog food.

The pictures below are of some our crew. We have 11 breeding females (doe's) and 3 breeding bucks. Only three of the doe's are without liters currently, two of those are pregnant (we hope) We just moved a liter through yesterday, they are out in the cooler and hopefully we will have some smoked rabbit on Monday or Tuesday. The most amazing meat I've ever had! ...mmmm mmmm mmmm! I cut all the meat from the bones and throw the bones into two large crockpots for stock and to get the bones softened down real nice to grind up for the dogs. Included here are also two other dishes I've prepared: Braised Rosemary Rabbit and Apple Pepper Rabbit. Incredible! :-)

This liter was the largest we've had yet. 12 born, 11 survived. We will be keeping a female from this group to try and replicate the propensity for larger liters.

Momma Rosy and her 8 kits.

A new little nest of babes, about 2 weeks old.

Though we have two water bottles per cage, they still feel the need to bunch in and get squashed. Really funny and sweet little babes.

Braised Rosemary Chicken in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Apple Pepper Rabbit, ready for the oven.

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thejohnbrian said...

I love the fact that you and the family are well on your way to a self-sustaining life-style. What a learning curve and I am totally jealous. I hate the commercial dog food as well and try to cook a veggies, rice and chicken mix but it is a pain.

Your more "wholesale" rabbit and poultry production brings in the volume. Love the bone meal use too. No waste! Okay, the best part is the actual human consumption. Mouth watering. I know it is a bit tough to slaughter the animals but it really is all about surviving healthfully and simply and the organic fed animals, and meat-as-essential-food results, along with all your vegetables to round out the diet is simply a beautiful and natural way to go about making that happen.

Congrats and keep up the great life and living-work.