Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh boy.

About a month ago my hard drive went the way of ... dead. Unfortunately I lost a lot, including programs that I had been using for years. One of them being the photo/image editor I was used to. Went and downloaded a few of the free ones and I'm practically having panic attacks, I don't have TIME to learn some of these new things. So, I finally found the one that I had before but of course, it's ALL new too. I guess I have been happily stuck way in the past. One admission down, millions more to go...hee hee.

So I do have the new version, am fiddling with it and thank god I remember my keystrokes for fast editing, otherwise, they have hidden functions under all sorts of other tabs and buttons and blah blah blah.

Now I just need to get used to this other silly scanner (part of my printer set up) until I can find the correct drivers for my art scanner. Oh, the joys of technology, especially after having been too stubborn to upgrade. :-D

Here are my first and so far only attempt at messing around. In parts, because NOW I have to find the NEW way to stitch it together. Yahoo and all that jazz :-D

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