Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Slugs - At least they are edible

After they get done with my lettuce that is. When considering eating slugs, let them take over your lettuce patch first. Cleans them out great and a nice purge is needed first. I had to go and research this first because I am at my wits end with these guys!!

These critters are so frustrating I could scream! We don't have regular slugs here in Washington States temperate rain forest (Twilight Land for those who don't know about the rain forests out here) Anyway, the slugs we have can get up to 10" long. No kidding. Most are around 5-8" long, but whose counting when you have hundreds of thousands of the bastards.

I have been trying my darnedest to stay natural and organic with this one. Eggshells...need much more grinding up. Large pieces they cruise right over (they are quite large themselves, after all). So I used my blender. That doesn't work real well. It all stays down in the well and it's a fussing match to get it all out. So I will use my food processor next. I do have a reasonable sized flock of chickens and get close to a dozen eggs a day. So will revisit that...with the food processor.

Speaking of chickens, I read in Mother Earth News that a few folks use their chickens and ducks for slug control patrol. My chickens won't even go near the big beasts. The little jelly bean sized slugs they will occasionally eat, but then they are reminded of the glue goo stuck on beak so will not try that again soon. The big ones?? No way. I know this from experience. I was so pleased with myself a couple of years ago. FREE protein for the birds and slug problem down to a dull roar! How perfect a solution.

Right. I gathered a full and heaping dinner sized plate full from my front herb garden area one evening (I'm not kidding) I got these creeps in just about 15 minutes or so. I sang and danced my way out to the chickens with their delicious gourmet meal. They all ran over to check it out...and then turned around and left. Seriously. I then took one off the plate and put it in front of a girl. She dignified that act with a decidedly nasty look and turned around and left. Slowly and with indifference. Ok, so then I chopped one of these huge slugs in front of more chickens. They checked it out, decided it wasn't worth the gluey beak and just left it there. To be wasted. I was stunned. They are spoiled and much prefer the delicacy of worms I guess.

Ducks might do the trick because I know they adore slugs...but how to protect the little plants until they are large enough to withstand being stomped by the big birds? I'm in a quandary.

Until I get ducks (maybe never) I guess I can go back out and gather them up and fry them up for my dogs. It's worth the experiment right? And they ARE full of protein...most dogs don't put their noses up to that quite like the chickens did.

I'm sure my husband will NOT go for us trying it out any time soon. He's really an open minded kind of guy. With limits that is, and believe me, he makes them up as we go. I made the suggestion and it sort of fell flatter than a fleet of lead balloons. :-)


Anonymous said...

Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future

You can eat slugs Chris ! Please don't give up on trying to open Joel's mind to other options.

I know you guys must be hungry and hurting for something to do; trying to feel alive while killing. It's a rush for you !? Since you don't mind killing animals for your food, you should look into this book.

I would be happy to buy if for you if you are short on cash. I know the economy is probably effecting your decision makings and choices of hobbies. No more 4-wheeling, right? Just let me know your address, and I will have it shipped over night ! Take care, and keep us posted about your eating habits. If nothing, it's a reflection of current "americana" in the west.
The Oakies ain't got nothin' on you Chris !

christine_wasankari said...

Just so people know, the "anonymous" poster is Lori Rae Wasankari Allen. My husbands sister by blood. This is a great way to find out who this person REALLY is. Wonderful way to share information when one searches for her on google. Information is always a good thing, especially if one has to have dealings with her on a professional basis.

A few years back she insisted I not put her name anywhere on any of my blogs or art sites. She didn't want her name associated with mine in any way. I married her brother so I do have the same name, Wasankari (much to her chagrin)...but we have had a pretty big falling out and she has since resorted to stalking me on the internet. Fine. If she wants to come on over and see what it is we are doing, she is more than welcome.

Leaving nasty little posts anonymously included, which I will always allow to be on here. Perhaps her co workers and clients for the company, maybe even the company she works for would enjoy reading the nasty little things she has to say.

Writing to me personally in email and ranting and raving at me is one thing. But to do it in so public a manner...interesting. So much for anonymity. I will no longer keep quiet and not use her name on my blogs. I'm perfectly willing to share a public scene if that is what she is after. :-)

As to the "falling out" we've had. I have to state for the record that I did nothing whatsoever to instigate any of this vitriolic nasty behavior. Except maybe married her brother. Whatever. Perhaps this is a good place to air all the laundry? I'm up for it for sure. There has been plenty screamed at me in private email and I may consider sharing it here on my blog. Perhaps others who have situations like this might benefit.

But in the meantime, I'll leave this post up from Lori and start chatting a bit more on all of this a bit later. I have rabbits to quarter up and get ready for the freezer :-)

Suncatchercreations said...