Sunday, December 29, 2013

Art Journal for my daughter - September pages

Here are the images for the September pages of the journal for my daughter. A whole lot less writing on these (as of yet) and mostly just flinging and spreading paint up to this point. I have a lot of back fill I need to do yet. I had better get going because the new year is right around the corner...and a whole new journal for my Heather is in the works.

IN the meantime, this IS helping me to get back on track (like I used to be, waaaay back when I was selling my art on a regular basis) It's interesting how this process has been, how important it actually has been and the very interesting psychological paths it has taken me down. Places I was not even aware I was having trouble with. So...a suggest everyone do it! :-) Just start somewhere, keep yourself on task...and just do. It really does start to work out for the better in more ways than you even imagined.

September 1-2 2013

September 3-4 2013

September 5-6 2013

September 7-8 2013

September 9-10 2013

September 11-12 2013

September 13-14 2013

September 15-16 2013
September 17-18 2013

September 19-20 2013

September 21-22 2013
September 23-24 2013

September 25-26 2013

September 27-28 2013

September 29-30 2013


thejohnbrian said...

for some reason I like what's going on in #5 of 15... maybe it's a sense of negative space... the color combo. asymmetry. who knows. it just stuck out for me.

christine_wasankari said...

It very well could be the color combo...these are not colors I use often in general so it might just be a pop that is more noticeable.

Anything that is "neutral" seems to escape me as to usage. I do try to play in that realm when I can, or feel inclined.

Amanda said...

If you were a car it'd be hard to get you into reverse and you would die in neutral. In life and in art this is how I see you.
As for me, I could crawl inside Sept 27th and live there. So beautiful!! Your daughter is a very lucky woman to have a mom like you!!