Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our First Snow this late 2013

I've been taking pictures, trying to "tidy" up some loose ends. It would seem the more I try to tidy a loose end, the more another end unravels. I guess that would be a good analogy for life, or living. I'm fine with it. I have embraced it. (for the most part)

So, to catch things up a wee bit here, I'll share some of my musings and wanderings around while sharing some of the recent images I have.

Today is our first snow for this autumn, rapidly going into winter. A surprise as the forecast didn't call for this, but hey, not a REAL surprise. Anything can happen when an arctic cold front moves in and through and one lives this close to the ocean.

It's definately snowing at a good clip too. As I write this it is starting to get heavier. We'll see if I need to go out and beat the snow off the branches of the trees and bushes.

More to come...I need to run out and take more pictures before the light fades completely!

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