Sunday, May 26, 2013

WHAT gives? Creative Every Day is what gives...

A wee bit of what I am doing, working on and whipping out the last couple of weeks. Plus a confession, a personal share.

First of all this is one series I was continuing, "Dancing" --- just thought I'd put up the results thus far.

These are some of the florals I have been thinking about as the feminine side of organic.

But you know what!? I'm getting stuck with not feeling the groove on these. I love them. I want to continue them, but my heart is just not in it. So I'm going to put them away for a little while and do something entirely different. I don't know what it is just yet, but it will be something floral because I've just prompted myself to participate in a Creative Every Day blog (see the image to the right, click and visit and all that fun stuff)

I needed to do it because for some reason I'm running into a wall. A creative wall. I can't believe it because I've been so exited to get back into it. I reorganized huge parts of my studio, blah blah blah. Was TOTALLY exited to find things I had forgotten I had. It's been like Christmas. So...why the mental block? Is it because I have found so many pieces started and then abandoned to be done later? What is it?

I do not know. So I need to start back with a blank paper, even if it's just a journal. And do something totally different. Something I'm not really known for. So I can break whatever chains that are on me. And that is also why I joined the Creative Group because I felt like I needed a prompt or something. TOTALLY not like me.

I'm baffled. I will fight it though, find ways around it and hopefully keep a record going of what the heck my problem is. I've never had this before. Ever. In the almost 20 years of creating and art, I have never experienced this. Guess there is a first time for everything. Now is my turn. Let's see how I get out of it, or through it, or whatever. My first step is joining the Creative Every Day blog challenge and diving in. :-)

Triptych I started in the Dancing Series. Will put it away and come back to it later.


Laney of Limerick said...

Enjoying your creative journey so far Chris. It's inspiring!

christine_wasankari said...

Thank you very much Miss Laney, I sure hope it works it's way through and I come out the other side even better and stronger. And wiser? I can hope :-)

Sarah Evans said...

This looks like really lovely work - such rich colours.

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity