Monday, May 6, 2013

I am really tickled this painting is finally starting to come together. I started last summer, right around August or so and I just can't believe it's actually taken me this long to get to the finish line.

Not because it takes me that long to paint mind you but because I am well and swamped with life on the farm type business. Which in itself is wonderful, rewarding and yep, time consuming. A painting like this might be finished up in a few days, maybe a week at most back when I was doing this as a full on, full time living.

So I whipped it back out again this evening because I was at an impasse with some of the other paintings I have going at the moment. You know, design decision, color decisions, DRYING decisions, those sorts of things. I'm fiddling around in my stuff and I run across this sweet painting, just sitting there and quietly pleading with me to pull it out and start finishing it up.

f the lords a willin' and the creek don't rise I will have this piece listed by the end of the week. I sure do hope so, it's been a bit too long and this place is a special one for me.

You can also see some images I took as a work in progress for this piece in a folder dedicated to this piece at my FaceBook art page:


Speaking of store, here is my new store, and this is right where this new piece and all other landscapes I have planned will be living. Come on in and check it out!

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