Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Creative Every Day - Permission to Play

I've decided I'm going to do a journal for my Creative Every Day challenge. A challenge not only very kindly put on by the CreativeEveryDay blog but an important part in my journey to find where I'm going. From here. Also, where I have been to get me to that place, here. What did I actually go through? What next and why am I having a blank spot, brick wall kind of issue? Concepts I hope to work out and through. 

This is my beginning for the Creative Every Day challenge for May which as a helpful prompt for May is Flowers, if needing some place/space to start. Which I do this time around. This is my break out, gotta loosen up and relax challenge. As I said in my earlier post, I've done it. For the first time in some 20 years I've run into a brick wall. Baffling for me, as I have never had a problem with creating. 

Whether it's any of the landscapes that are based on real places, or out of my head to just sitting down and intuitively drawing, designing, creating florals...on to now...the dreaded abstract. 

THAT is my biggest problem. A discovery I have found. What?! The main and most fundamental expression that I pour my soul into and I can't find it?! My beloved abstract, I'm having a hard time creating that very thing that I find essential to who I am as an artist. A serious question, a serious issue and one I mean to tackle. I'm sure I will get through it and be happily on the other side of a new and enlightening lift to my paradigm as an artist. Of that I have no doubt. I'm still just plain baffled. I have my suspicions as to how I got here and why it's difficult that I'll be sharing as I go. 

Today, I just want to share the way I've chosen to jump in. I give myself permission to play. To something different that what I normally do. Step outside my own box, the one I built around myself. It's not about anything else but that. And THAT is quite alright, isn't it? To give myself permission to play? Yes, indeed! So I will also endeavor to stick with doing something different. Playing, and forcing myself to step back out...with clarity, perhaps.

These are the images of my first break out, working on the theme, working on the emotions and working through it. These images are in a sequence of sorts, sort of a time line of the start initially and where I am now. Not complete, but I would have been remiss if I didn't put something up for this challenge I just gave myself. :-) Look for the more completed pieces and a continuing effort on this journey.

Close up of the blocking in of the initial intuitive design concept and color play

The initial intuitive design concept and color play - working it out without thinking too much.

Bringing together more elements in an intuitive way

More detail of where I am with just going for it, adding elements and not thinking too hard about it.

Fiddling around with "what if" questions and just running with it - More to come!

Background play for the next spread in this creative journey


Allen said...

Might you think about breaking out of your isolation. Perhaps your lack of inspiration is due to your lack of travels, or experiences since you are so necessary to the self-survival farm you & your husband have created. I would imagine a lack of inspiration due to a lack of travel,,, to bad, but not surprising. Isolation has a price, for you it seems it is lack of inspiration for your "work", but then again there is always sharpening the knives to slaughter the goats & bunnies... that is a real necessity in your world.

Christine Wasankari said...

I just posted this today...that first comment from "Allen" -- I was keeping it in moderation because I didn't really want to fight with my husbands sister anymore. Alas, it has been continuing (always out of the blue) so I thought what the hell. I'll post and allow for every single nasty thing she keeps spewing at me. Lori Wasankari Allen. She either went into her husbands blogger and used "Allen" or she started another persona. Who knows? She also has "Lorirae" ---- Well see how much I can gather into one spot.